2016's news archive

2016-11-24 -- dupeGuru 4.0.3 released (link)

  • Add new picture cache backend: shelve
  • Make shelve picture cache backend the active one on MacOS to fix #394 more elegantly. [cocoa]
  • Remove Sparkle (auto-updates) due to technical limitations. [cocoa]

2016-10-09 -- MacOS maintainers needed (link)

It's been on dupeGuru's and moneyGuru's README for a while that my aging Mac Mini was probably going to be my last Apple purchase and that when it's dead, I won't be able to maintain the MacOS versions of dupeGuru and moneyGuru.

The Mini hasn't died yet, but has somewhat of a terminal illness. I upgraded it to Sierra. Since the upgrade, my old version of VMWare Fusion doesn't work anymore and I will not pay for another upgrade.

I used Fusion to ensure that builds I create work in older MacOS versions. I can't do that anymore. New maintainers are needed.

The big problem with dupeGuru and moneyGuru is that their UI is generated by xibless, which is a library I've created to get rid of XCode which I dislike. This library is a lot of effort to maintain and is a lot of effort, for a potential contributor, to discover how it works. It also has many unfixed glitches.

With hindsight, I realize this was a mistake and I should have suffered XCode like everyone else instead. If, as a potential maintainer, you're put off by the whole xibless thing, you should know that you have my blessing to scrap it all. It shouldn't be all that hard because dupeGuru was still a good old XCode project at tag "se3.5.0" and moneyGuru at tag "2.5.5". It should only be a matter of resurrecting the old code, modernize it and re-apply UI changes from recent versions.

2016-10-09 -- dupeGuru 4.0.2 released (link)

  • Fix systematic crash in Picture Mode under MacOS Sierra. #394
  • No change for Linux. Just keeping version in sync.

2016-08-28 -- moneyGuru 2.10.2 released (link)

  • Fix crash when opening panels on some versions of PyQt. [qt] #456
  • Fix misalignment of bold figures in networth/profit sheets. [cocoa] #459

2016-08-24 -- dupeGuru 4.0.1 released (link)

  • Add Greek localization, by Gabriel Koutilellis. #382
  • Fix localization base path. [qt] #378
  • Fix broken load results dialog. [qt]
  • Fix crash on load results. [cocoa] #380
  • Save preferences more predictably. [qt] #379
  • Fix picture mode's fuzzy block scanner threshold. #387

2016-07-30 -- moneyGuru 2.10.1 released (link)

  • Fix crash on exporting. [qt] #461
  • Fix destination path on "Save as". [qt] #466
  • Fix crash when using filters. [qt] #464

2016-07-01 -- dupeGuru 4.0.0 released (link)

  • Merge Standard, Music and Picture editions in the same application!
  • Improve documentation. #294
  • Add Polish, Korean, Spanish and Dutch localizations.
  • qt: Fix wrong use_regexp option propagation to core. #295
  • qt: Fix progress window mistakenly showing up on startup. #357
  • Bump Python requirement to v3.4.
  • Bump OS X requirement to 10.8
  • Drop Windows support, maybe temporarily. Details
  • cocoa: Drop iPhoto, Aperture and iTunes support. Was unmaintained and obsolete.
  • Drop "Audio Contents" scan type. Was confusing and seldom useful.
  • Change license to GPLv3

2016-03-13 -- moneyGuru 2.10.0 released (link)

  • From now on, the changelog is going to be a bit more developer-oriented.
  • Drop Windows support, maybe temporarily. Details
  • Add plugin management view. #451
  • Refuse to load moneyguru files with unsupported currencies. #451
  • Add "inactive" flag to accounts. #412
  • Fix transaction duplication bug on undo. #438
  • Fix crash on CSV import [qt]. #440
  • Fix debit/credit preference so it's properly restored on startup. #421
  • Fix "Show Account" for transactions having multiple splits to the same account.
  • Make all panels instantiate on-the-fly rather than on startup. #434
  • Various minor refactorings. See git log.
  • Improve build process, notably on OS X. See git log.
  • Convert to Qt5.
  • Remove dependency on sgmllib3k.
  • Bump Python requirement to 3.4+.