2014's news archive

2014-12-28 -- Big 2014 update (link)

I've been neglecting news update on this website, which is I guess an indication of its lessened relevance in my life. But still, HS apps are still a significant part of me, so here we go for a big 2014 update :)

I'm still in the free software consultancy business and it's a lot of fun. This whole dilemma between free software and income doesn't exist in the custom development world and it's all very straightforward. Plus, challenges I face are new and exciting. It's a smooth sailing.

I'm also entering deeper in the free software ideology and, huh, praxis. From "producer" of software, I become a "user" in its fullest sense, that is, a master of its tools. Lately, I've been choosing my computer tools not solely with convenience in mind, but also my ability to tinker with them. With these criteria in mind, I now tend to choose simpler tools (except for Firefox, I now mostly use console-based applications). I'm back with Gentoo, but I now better understand how cool it is to use a meta distribution.

It takes time to get used to and I'm not there yet, but it's an interesting road. HS apps are still too time consuming for me to have significant time devoted to improving the tools I use, but I'll get there.

In 2014, I was hoping to do some community building around HS apps, notably by improving developer documentation. The quantity of contributors was a bit disappointing, but we amply made up for it in quality! Nelson Brown has been increasingly contributing to moneyGuru and he does some high quality (and scope!) stuff. I couldn't hope for a smoother ride, effort on my part has been minimal and the quality his code is mostly stellar. Recently, he tackled a huge ticket and I hope we'll be able to bring this to completion.

If moneyGuru's future looked a bit gloomy last year, it's looking much better now.

For dupeGuru, I don't know. There are many users and I'm sure some of them are developers, but there's only so much you can add to a dupe finder. I'm not planning on improving it further. My hope is that after a while, the void I leave will push some potential contributors to take initiatives. Sometimes, when you see that someone is actively in charge, it discourages you from taking initiative. Maybe I'm dupeGuru's enemy to its community building...

In other news, I'm planning on re-licensing dupeGuru and moneyGuru to GPL. My aversion to GPL is from another age, one when I didn't understand free software fully. Also, being GPL lifts restrictions on the libraries the projects can use. I do this re-licensing now, when there aren't many contributors in the git log because the more contributors there are, the harder it becomes. Libraries I authored, however, are left untouched (with libraries, license implications are broader).

2014-12-14 -- moneyGuru 2.8.1 released (link)

  • Fix amount deletion bug on drag & drop transaction re-ordering. [Linux, Windows] #402
  • Fix bug where clicking account-jumping arrows would lead to the wrong place. [Linux, Windows] #404

2014-11-09 -- moneyGuru 2.8.0 released (link)

  • Make amount fields prettier. Thanks Nelson Brown! [Windows, Linux] (#14 #15)
  • In sheets, make totals' currency explicit when in multi-currency context. #392
  • Add "Assign imbalance" button to the Transaction panel. #398
  • Fix glitch in sheets expanded nodes restoration. [Mac] #388
  • Fix a QIF transaction matching bug.
  • Fix account selection glitch causing the account to lose focus. [Windows, Linux]
  • Fix IndexError on file switching. [Windows, Linux] #393
  • Remove Cashculator integration. It was broken anyway. [Mac]
  • Greatly improve developer documentation.
  • Minimum OS X version is now Lion (10.7).
  • Minimum Windows version is now Windows 7. 64-bit required.
  • Minimum Ubuntu version is now 14.04.

2014-10-17 -- dupeGuru 3.9.1 released (link)

  • Fixed AttributeError: 'ComboboxModel' object has no attribute 'reset'. [Linux, Windows] #254
  • Fixed PermissionError on saving results. #266
  • Fixed a build problem introduced by Sphinx 1.2.3.
  • Updated German localisation, by Frank Weber.

2014-08-07 -- Running on Docker (link)

For a couple of months, I've been aching to do this and I finally did it: I've built Docker containers for everything I run on hardcoded.net and built a new server from that. The repo for those containers is publicly available on Github.

2014-04-19 -- dupeGuru 3.9.0 released (link)

  • This is mostly a dependencies upgrade.
  • Upgraded to Python 3.3.
  • Upgraded to Qt 5.
  • Minimum Windows version is now Windows 7 64bit.
  • Minimum Ubuntu version is now 14.04.
  • Minimum OS X version is now 10.7 (Lion).
  • ... But with a couple of little improvements.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Overwrite subfolders' state when setting states in folder dialog #248
  • The error report dialog now brings the user to Github issues.

2014-01-25 -- moneyGuru 2.7.2 released (link)

  • Fixed amount parsing issue. #379
  • Don't repeatedly fetch currency rates we can never get. #374
  • Fixed date parsing issue. [Windows, Linux] #381
  • Fixed view plugins which were broken.