2013's news archive

2013-12-07 -- dupeGuru 3.8.0 released (link)

  • Disable symlink/hardlink deletion option when not relevant. #247
  • Make Cmd+A select all folders in the Folder Selection dialog. [Mac] #228
  • Make non-numeric delta comparison case insensitive. #239
  • Fix surrogate-related UnicodeEncodeError on CSV export. #210
  • Fixed crash on Dupe Count sorting with Delta + Dupes Only. #238
  • Improved documentation.
  • Important internal refactorings.
  • Dropped Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 support.
  • Removed the fairware dialog (More Info).

2013-09-07 -- moneyGuru 2.7.1 released (link)

  • Improved OFX parsing. #369
  • Fixed rounding error when changing split amounts. #367
  • Fixed Qt import window glitch. #371
  • Improved currency rates fetching reliability.
  • Fixed occasional hard crashes on accounts drag & drop. [Mac] #354

2013-08-19 -- dupeGuru 3.7.1 released (link)

  • Fixed folder scan type, which was broken in v3.7.0.

2013-08-17 -- dupeGuru 3.7.0 released (link)

  • Improved delta values to support non-numerical values. #213
  • Improved the Re-Prioritize dialog's UI. #224
  • Added hardlink/symlink support on Windows Vista+. #220
  • Dropped 32bit support on Mac OS X.
  • Added Vietnamese localization by Phan Anh.

2013-06-22 -- From Bitbucket to Github (link)

See what Eli Bendersky wrote about going from Bitbucket to Github? Well, that's pretty much my situation too. I prefered Mercurial to Git until I was forced to use Git, which always ruled Github out for me. But now that I've growned accustomed to it, I find myself preferring Git's workflow.

I've also moved my issue tracker from Lighthouse to Github (using a custom script built around github3.py which works very well).

2013-05-26 -- moneyGuru 2.7.0 released (link)

  • Added support for custom currencies. #33
  • Fixed amount parsing bug with currencies with many decimals.
  • Fixed cache folder bug causing cached files to be misplaced. [Linux, Windows]
  • Dropped 32-bit support on Mac OS X.

2013-04-28 -- dupeGuru 3.6.1 released (link)

  • Improved "Make Selection Reference" to make it clearer. #222
  • Improved "Open Selected" to allow opening more than one file at once. #142
  • Fixed a few typos here and there. (#216 #225)
  • Tweaked the fairware dialog (More Info).
  • Added Arch Linux packaging
  • Added a 64-bit build for Windows.
  • Improved Russian localization by Kyrill Detinov.
  • Improved Brazilian localization by Victor Figueiredo.

2013-03-23 -- moneyGuru 2.6.3 released (link)

  • Fixed a selection glitch on New Account. #358
  • Fixed a schedule spawning bug. #362
  • Removed the fairware dialog (More Info).
  • Added a 64-bit build for Windows.
  • Added Spanish localization by Enrique G. Paredes.

2013-03-16 -- Phasing out fairware (link)

I'm going to phase fairware out starting today. I wrote an article about it.

2013-01-06 -- moneyGuru 2.6.2 released (link)

  • Fixed a bug causing transaction imbalance after import. #351
  • Fixed glitch in bar graph drawing. #352
  • Fixed a bug in QIF exports. #353
  • Fixed a crash on print. [Linux, Windows] #349