2006's news archive

2006-12-24 -- Merry Christmas (link)

Merry Christmas and happy new year to everybody.

What a year. Mp3 Filter conversion to dupeGuru ME. dupeGuru PE. Windows GUI conversion from Delphi to C#. I told you last year that 2006 would be my most productive year ever. Now I gotta slow down a bit or I'll overheat.

2006-12-08 -- dupeGuru 2.4.3 released (link)

  • Fixed a mishandling of ".app" files (OS X).
  • Fixed a bug preventing files from "reference" directories to be displayed in blue in the results (Windows).
  • Fixed a bug preventing some files to be sent to the recycle bin (Windows).
  • Fixed a bug in the packaging preventing certain Windows configurations to start dupeGuru at all.

2006-11-18 -- dupeGuru 2.4.2 released (link)

  • Fixed a bug with directory states.

2006-11-15 -- dupeGuru 2.4.1 released (link)

  • Fixed a bug causing the ignore list not to be saved.
  • Fixed a bug sometimes making delete and move operations stall.

2006-11-10 -- dupeGuru 2.4.0 released (link)

  • Changed the Windows interface. It is now .NET based.
  • Added an auto-update feature to the windows version.
  • Changed the way power marking works. It is now a mode instead of a separate window.
  • Changed the "Size (MB)" column for a "Size (KB)" column. The values are now "ceiled" instead of rounded. Therefore, a size "0" is now really 0 bytes, not just a value too small to be rounded up. It is also the case for delta values.
  • Removed the min word length/count options. These came from Mp3 Filter, and just aren't used anymore. Word weighting does pretty much the same job.

2006-11-07 -- dupeGuru 2.3.4 released (link)

  • Improved speed and memory usage of the scanning engine, again. Does it mean there was a lot of improvements to be made? Nah...

2006-11-02 -- Oops, I did it again (link)

I often try new stuff, and when it's interesting, it's dangerous for me to get hooked. This time, it was C#. At first, it was just to try, and then, I ended up re-implementing dupeGuru's windows interface in C# and Python for .Net. And while looking for an implementation of a TreeView with columns, I stumbled upon TreeViewAdv. It's a nice component, but I made so many changes to it that I ended up making my own fork of it. Therefore, you can probably expect a .NET release of my applications shortly.

2006-11-02 -- dupeGuru 2.3.3 released (link)

  • Improved speed and memory usage of the scanning engine, especially when the scan results in a lot of duplicates.
  • Now I wonder if Sparkle is going to work well...

2006-10-16 -- dupeGuru 2.3.2 released (link)

  • Added an auto-update feature in the Mac OS X version (with Sparkle).
  • Fixed a bug preventing some duplicate reports to be created correctly under Windows.

2006-10-12 -- musicGuru 1.2.0 (link)

I release today musicGuru 1.2.0, which feature a quite big under-the-hood re-factoring. There isn't any new features (except slightly better overall performances and auto-update), but some will come pretty soon.

2006-10-02 -- dupeGuru 2.3.1 released (link)

  • Fixed a bug preventing some duplicates to be found, especially when scanning lots of files.

2006-09-22 -- dupeGuru 2.3.0 released (link)

  • Added XHTML export feature.

2006-09-08 -- Oops (link)

The Mac OS X version of dupeGuru Picture Edition didn't work on PowerPC macs. Fixed it.

2006-09-08 -- Introducing dupeGuru Picture Edition (link)

Say hello to the all new and shiny dupeGuru Picture Edition! This edition of dupeGuru can find duplicates among pictures of different format and quality.

2006-08-31 -- dupeGuru 2.2.10 released (link)

  • Added sticky columns.
  • Fixed an issue with file caching between scans.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some duplicates from being deleted/moved/copied.

2006-08-27 -- dupeGuru 2.2.9 released (link)

  • Fixed an issue with ignore list and unicode.
  • Fixed an issue with file attribute fetching sometimes causing dupeGuru to crash.
  • Fixed an issue in the directories panel under Windows.

2006-08-17 -- dupeGuru 2.2.8 released (link)

  • Fixed an issue in the duplicate seeking engine preventing some duplicates to be found.

2006-08-12 -- dupeGuru 2.2.7 released (link)

  • Improved unicode support.
  • Improved the "Reveal in Finder" ("Open Containing Folder" in Windows) feature so it selects the file in the folder it opens.

2006-08-07 -- Going Universal (link)

I received my new Intel iMac Friday. Pyobjc 1.4, now supporting universal binaries, was released in June. Everything is there for me to produce universal binaries. I release dupeGuru 2.2.6 today as a universal application. I will do the same for dupeGuru ME and musicGuru this week.

2006-08-07 -- dupeGuru 2.2.6 released (link)

  • Improved the ignore list system.
  • dupeGuru is now a Universal application on Mac OS X.

2006-07-26 -- dupeGuru 2.2.5 released (link)

  • Improved application (.app) dupe detection on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally made dupeGuru crash on startup.

2006-07-24 -- Returned from a hiking trip (link)

Since the beginning of July, I was on a hiking trip in Gaspesie, on the International Appalachian Trail. I originally wanted to walk the whole Quebec part of it (Matapedia to Cap Gaspe. About 650 km), but after about 200 km, in the middle of the Matane Wildlife Reserve, when the Chic Chocs mountains begin to be quite high, I realized that neither my training or my footwear were adequate for this. Therefore, I'm back earlier than I expected, and I'm back to work. I'll train harder for my next try.

2006-06-27 -- dupeGuru 2.2.4 released (link)

  • Fixed an issue with Move and Copy features.

2006-06-15 -- dupeGuru 2.2.3 released (link)

  • Improved duplicate scanning speed.
  • Added a warning that a file couldn't be renamed if a file with the same name already exists.

2006-06-07 -- dupeGuru 2.2.2 released (link)

  • Added "Rename Selected" feature.
  • Fixed some minor issues with "Reload Last Results" feature.
  • Fixed ignore list issues.

2006-05-22 -- dupeGuru 2.2.1 released (link)

  • Fixed occasional progress bar woes under Windows.
  • Fixed a bug in the registration system under Windows.
  • Nothing has been changed in the Mac OS X version, but I want to keep version in sync.

2006-05-19 -- dupeGuru Music Edition is there! (link)

dupeGuru Music Edition 5.0.0 is finally there. It replaces Mp3 Filter and features a completely redesigned interface, as well as support for Mac OS X.

2006-05-10 -- dupeGuru 2.2.0 (link)

dupeGuru 2.2.0 is available, featuring most of the nice stuff that was added to dupeGuru Music Edition, as well as a new icon. Whew, big day!

2006-05-10 -- dupeGuru Music Edition Beta 5 (link)

dupeGuru Music Edition Beta 5 (The first public beta was beta 4) is available. You can get it for Windows [link no longer valid] and for Mac OS X [link no longer valid].

2006-05-10 -- dupeGuru 2.2.0 released (link)

  • Added destination path re-creation options.
  • Added an ignore list.
  • Changed the main icon.
  • Improved dramatically the delta values feature.

2006-05-08 -- Introducing dupeGuru Music Edition Beta (link)

Mp3 Filter is going to have a new name: dupeGuru Music Edition 5.0. A public beta version of it is available for Windows [link no longer valid] and for Mac OS X [link no longer valid]. dupeGuru ME is like dupeGuru, but it has more information columns (Duration, Bitrate, ID3 tag...) and more scan types (compare by tag and compare by audio content).

2006-04-18 -- dupeGuru 2.1.2 (link)

I published dupeGuru 2.1.2 today, which features a new "Match similar words" option.

2006-04-18 -- dupeGuru 2.1.2 released (link)

  • Added the "Match similar words" option.
  • Fixed Power marking issues under Mac.

2006-04-14 -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs (link)

The more I listen to the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, Show Your Bones, the more I like it. It probably means that it will go in my top albums list. It went like this for pretty much all of them: I don't really like it at the first listening, and like it more with each listening session, until it gets among my favorites. It happened for the 3 best albums ever: Modest Mouse - The Moon And Antarctica, The White Stripes - White Blood Cells and The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan. Elephant doesn't qualify because Seven Nation Army and The Air Near My Fingers were groovy from the first listen and will probably be until the last.

Enough. I published dupeGuru 2.1.1. It has a couple of bugs related to the Power Marker fixed, as well as a new, really nice option. This option is "Display delta values for duplicates". When you turn it on, the Size, Creation and Modification columns display the difference between the duplicate's value and its reference's value. For example, if a duplicate is 1.2 MB and its reference is 1.4 MB, the Size column will display -0.2. This feature really gets useful when used with the Power Marker.

2006-04-14 -- dupeGuru 2.1.1 released (link)

  • Added the "Display delta values" option.
  • Improved Power marking sorting speed under Mac.
  • Fixed Power marking sorting issues.

2006-04-11 -- Mp3 Filter 4.2.5 (link)

Released today, Mp3 Filter 4.2.5 has exclusion patterns and WMA decoding issues fixed.

2006-04-03 -- dupeGuru 2.1.0 (link)

There's a new dupeGuru version (2.1.0) today with a new nice little feature: Power Marking. Power Marking lets you make block selections that weren't possible before (such as easily select all duplicates having a specific extension).

2006-04-03 -- dupeGuru 2.1.0 released (link)

  • Added the Power Marker feature.
  • Fixed a column sorting bug. The results would sometimes lose their sort order.
  • Fixed a bug with the Make Reference feature. The results sometimes wasn't correctly refreshed after the reference switch.

2006-03-28 -- musicGuru 1.1.0 (link)

I published musicGuru 1.1.0 today. Design Board interface and speed are the two main improvements in this version. Next target, Mp3 Filter!

2006-03-23 -- dupeGuru 2.0.1 released (link)

  • Fixed an issue occasionally occurring when trying to reload results from removable media that is no longer present.

2006-03-17 -- dupeGuru 2.0 (link)

That's it, dupeGuru 2.0 is now released. This version is a complete rewrite, and it now runs on Mac OS X.

2006-03-17 -- dupeGuru 2.0.0 released (link)

  • Complete rewrite.
  • Now runs on Mac OS X.

2006-03-16 -- dupeGuru 2.0 Beta (link)

dupeGuru 2.0 development is pretty advanced right now. Today, I publish a beta version of what will be dupeGuru 2.0. You can download either the Windows version [link no longer valid] or the Mac OS X version [link no longer valid].

2006-03-11 -- musicGuru 1.0.8 (link)

musicGuru 1.0.8 was released today. It includes some more minor bugfixes.

2006-03-04 -- musicGuru 1.0.4 (link)

musicGuru 1.0.4 was released today. It includes a couple of minor bugfixes.

2006-01-23 -- webGuru 1.4.2 (link)

webGuru had a couple of long standing issues that I had to fix, and that's what I did, now that I'm not 100% focused on musicGuru anymore. If you already have a prior version of webGuru installed on your computer, please uninstall it before installing this one.

2006-01-21 -- musicGuru 1.0.1 (link)

I released musicGuru 1.0.1 today. The initial release had a couple of minor issues. Of course, they are now fixed.

2006-01-17 -- Introducing musicGuru! (link)

That's it! musicGuru 1.0 is finally out, both for Windows and Mac OS X. You can take a look at it here.