2005's news archive

2005-12-25 -- Merry Christmas (link)

I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Once again, a very nice year 2005 was. 2006 will probably be the biggest HS year yet. I'm very productive with Python and have a lot of neat ideas for my upcoming products. You can expect the Mac/Windows release of musicGuru very early in 2006. I know it took me a long time to finish it, but I tried a lot of things, and made a couple of mistakes (like investing so much time in wxPython, which is very nice, but being a cross platform API inherently makes it a lowest common denominator of all platforms. I can't accept this standard of quality.).

2005-11-02 -- Moving to a new server (link)

Hardcoded Software is moving to a new server right now. It might take a while for the DNS information to propagate everywhere. Thus, there might be some problems with the registration system in the next 2 days. Of course, I'm there to deal with any issue that may arise. Oh, and if you are reading this, you are currently accessing the nice, new, shining server.

2005-08-23 -- Back to Canada (link)

I'm now back to Canada and I resumed my development.

2005-04-25 -- Europe trip (link)

I am taking a 3 months break. I need to get away from computers for a while. My older brother Eric will take care of Hardcoded Software support while I'm away.

Yeah, this means that musicGuru release will be delayed. I underestimated the amount of work required to finish it, and I didn't forsee the couple of problems I had with wxPython. (I have 3 months to decide whether I stick with it or not.)

2005-02-20 -- Gentoo rocks (link)

I finally made the move to linux. I'm now coding under a Gentoo installation, using Ratpoison as a window manager.

It took me a while to adapt my code to make it work well under wxGTK because I was using a couple of windows only functions. However, everything works well now and I can publish a linux musicGuru screenshot [link no longer valid]. (The pretty theme is Yattacier 3

2005-02-03 -- About that famous project (link)

I think that the "project I'm working on for which I won't give details until it's advanced enough" is advanced enough, so I can give out some details.

This software is a music collection manager that will probably be called musicGuru. "Oh, yet another music manager" you might say. Yes, there are a lot of music managers out there, but mine will inherently be better because I code it ;)

musicGuru will take further the MPL concept introduced in Mp3 Filter. It will have all the standards music collection features, plus a couple of quite cool and unique ones (I won't give details about these yet :) ). Besides, because I code it in Python/wxPython, musicGuru will work on Windows, Linux, and Mac (Mac won't be supported for the initial release because I don't have one yet, but I plan to buy a Mac Mini, they look really cool!).

Shortly after the release of musicGuru, a new version of Mp3 Filter will be made in Python/wxPython, and both programs will be tightly integrated to each other.

I do have some screenshots:

  • Volume view [link no longer valid]
  • Artist view [link no longer valid]
  • Album view [link no longer valid]
  • Search results [link no longer valid]

The icons there are the leftovers of Mp3 Filter. Thus, they will probably be changed before the release.

I expect to be quite finished implementing musicGuru features within a month. Thus, you can expect a release within 2-3 months.

2005-01-06 -- I love Python (link)

Nothing big to announce for this first news of the year 2005. I still am working with Python. This language amazes me every day I use it. The "project I'm working on for which I won't give details until it's advanced enough" is progressing very well (Thanks to Python for that!).

I made minor changes to the website's stylesheet today. I would appreciate any glitch report (Of course, I appreciate glitch reports at any time, but glitches are more likely to happen now.). And if you don't want glitches, use Mozilla or Firefox :).