About Hardcoded Software

Hi there. My name is Virgil Dupras, I live in Qu├ębec, Canada. I've been a "shareware-type" developer from 2001 to 2012 and a web developer from 2012 to 2019. I still do web development to keep a little bit of money coming, but I'm phasing it out. Modern technology is broken.

This website used to be host to software I wrote, but I stopped maintaining most of them. I keep this website up for legacy purposes, to keep tarballs available. In the medium term, this is probably going to be hosted on a very low capacity computer in my basement, so expect access to be patchy.


Latest News

2019-06-09 -- Archive mode (link)

This site is going into archive mode. It hasn't been active in the last few years, but as of yesterday, I stopped maintaining moneyGuru entirely and hosting it was the last purpose of this website.

Maybe I'll write a last article about why I think modern technology is on course for collapse, but I'm not sure it would be useful. Googling "modern technology collapse" already yield interesting results, I'm not sure yet whether I have something interesting to add to this.

2019-05-20 -- moneyGuru 3.0.1 released (link)

  • Fix memory leak.
  • Fix pane invalidation on date range change.
  • Fix crash when processing complex schedules. #512
  • Fix import window refresh when importing CSV files. #513

2019-03-27 -- moneyGuru 3.0.0 released (link)

The goal of this release is to strip what I see as cruft, weight that impairs further development, namely, budgets and plugins. They were both too heavy for the value they brought in. Removing them cleans the code a lot.

Otherwise, the rewrite to C continues agressively, all major core elements now implemented in C, the latest addition being scheduling logic (see why I wanted to remove budgets first?).

  • Minimum python requirement is now v3.5+
  • Remove budgets. #391
  • Remove plugin system. #401
  • Continue C rewrite started in v2.12 further.
  • Simplify GUI signalling system ("de-notification").
  • Make autosave trigger each X steps instead of X minutes.
  • Remove example file.
  • Make import window modal (one import operation at a time).
  • Add "Match entries by date/amount" in import window. #493
  • Fix application icon by properly expanding parameter in sed. #507
  • Add "All files" filter to import's open file dialog. #508
  • Fix amount parsing ambiguity between thousands and decimal seps. #422
  • Files saved with moneyGuru v3+ can't be read in earlier versions. Files saved with moneyGuru v2+ can be read correctly by moneyGuru v3.